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Animal Group
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Animal Litter Bins

Animal Trio


Animal litter bins

Keep your schools and playgrounds litter free by encouraging use of 'Theme Bins' new and easily recognisable Animal Litter Bins for indooor and outdoor use.

Manufactured in the UK from recycled and recyclable polyethelene, with an internal steel liner, these new bins are colourful, fun and eye-catching and will give your staff and visitors plenty to talk about!

Animal Group

  • Polyethylene bodyshell
  • Galvanised steel liner.
  • Lock & key
  • Hygienic - easy to clean
  • Environmentally friendly - recyclable plastic
  • Open Apeture

CAT-S 930mm 390mm 42L £178.00
CAT-L 1050mm 390mm 52L £183.00
BEAR-S 930mm 390mm 42L £178.00
BEAR-L 1050mm 390mm 52L £183.00
PENG-S 820mm 390mm 42L £178.00
PENG-L 940mm 390mm 52L £183.00
FRG-S 930mm 390mm 42L £178.00
FRG-L 1050mm 390mm 52L £183.00
MOU-S 930mm 390mm 42L £178.00
MOU-L 1050mm 390mm 52L £183.00
FOX-S 930mm 390mm 42L £178.00
FOX-L 1050mm 390mm 52L £183.00
PAN-S 930mm 390mm 42L £178.00
PAN-L 1050mm 390mm 52L £183.00
CHK-S 820mm 390mm 42L £178.00
CHK-L 940mm 390mm 52L £183.00
TIG-S 930mm 390mm 42L £178.00
TIG-L 1050mm 390mm 52L £183.00

Back of Bin


Cats Pair
Pair Of Bears
Mouse Pair
Pair of Penguins

Cat Bin  Cat Bin

Bear Bin   Bear Bin
Mouse Bin  Mouse Bin
Penguin Bin   Penguin Bin
Frog Pair
Chicks Pair
Tiger Pairs
fox Pair
Frog Bin   Frog Bin
Chick Bin   Chick Bin
Tiger Bin   Tiger Bin
Fox Bin   Fox Bin
Panda Pair

Panda Bin   Panda Bin


Ground fixing bolts (per pair, per bin) £13.75


At Theme Bins we manufacture a range of indoor and outdoor litter / recycling bins together with a complementary range of tables, seating and cycle storage units. Please browse our site at your leisure or contact us at the address below to order, or discuss products with your personalised graphics applied.
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